Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Make automated testing more efficient and help developers and testers collaborate. This functional automated testing software—formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP)—helps deliver quality software at the speed your business needs.The complete solution for automation of web, mobile, API, and packaged applications HPE Unified Function Testing (UFT) software automates functional testing through an intuitive, visual user experience that ties manual testing, automated software testing, and framework-based testing together in one integrated development environment (IDE). The capabilities in HPE UFT help you significantly reduce the cost, time spent, and complexity of the functional testing process while driving continuous quality.

Continuous testing
  • HPE UFT is the industry-standard automated software testing solution, with proven capabilities for meeting the challenges of today’s agile, modern application teams. HPE UFT leverages a broad ecosystem of integrations—from source control management tools such as Subversion or Git, to continuous integration tools such as Jenkins. Functional tests can be triggered as part of the regular build process and run results reported in HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) or HPE Quality Center. Teams are instantly alerted to issues to keep Agile projects on track.HPE UFT also includes the HPE Lean Functional Testing solution designed for Agile testing where test creation is done in Microsoft® Visual Studio/C# and Eclipse/Java.
API and Web services testing
  • HPE UFT API and Web services testing capabilities give your teams an extensible framework for creating and executing functional tests of “headless” applications or the non-GUI parts of an application. With an easy-to-use, visual interface, HPE UFT gives you the ability to test at the headless layer without the need for extensive coding. HPE UFT is also fully integrated with HPE Service Virtualization, powerful software that enables your testers to use simulated services that stand in and behave like the actual application component. With HPE UFT integration to HPE Service Virtualization, your automated testing teams can achieve delay-free continuous testing.
Distributed testing with new run-time engine
  • The new run-time engine in HPE UFT allows test execution on multiple machines, mobile devices, and servers (real and virtual) without the need for a full HPE UFT license or installation.
HPE Business Process Testing
  • Teams can use the HPE Business Process Testing (BPT) framework for key-word-driven and scriptless automation for web, desktop, and packaged applications such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP. Through its smart componentization, automatic component and process flow change detection, as well as its smart reuse technology, HPE BPT helps simplify test automation for less technical users such as business analysts and subject matter experts (SMEs). This speeds up test creation and maintenance for faster testing ROI.
Cross-browser testing

HPE UFT provides extensive cross-browser support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer®. Tests can be recorded on one browser and the same script can be used with no adaptions to test multiple browsers and configurations. If desired, the same test run can cover all the different browsers by having each test iteration executed on a different browser, with one report covering the test flow status on all desired configurations